Her work as a nurse included two years in the Peace Corp in Guatemala.  She later continued her education at the University of Kentucky and the Frontier Nursing Service in Hyden, KY.  She received a Master of Science Degree in Nursing while also becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwife.  She worked for ten years in an out-of-hospital birthing center in Brownsville, TX.  While practicing there she provided prenatal and postpartum care to many women and delivered several hundred babies.  Because of her interest in natural medicine, she moved to Arizona to attend Postgraduate school at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr. O'Brien graduated with Highest Honors from the Naturopathic Program and studied an additional year for a specialty in Acupuncture.

What is a Naturopathic Physician? 


The State of Arizona Naturopathic Board of Medical Examiners licenses Naturopathic Physicians as Primary Care Doctors.  They have a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD) degree from a 4-year graduate level Naturopathic Medical College.  They diagnose and treat acute and chronic diseases in patients of all ages.  The goal of the therapy is to find and eliminate the cause of the symptoms in a way that is not harmful to the person.  The Doctor teaches and empowers each person to learn how to care for themselves in order to improve their health and prevent future problems.

Naturopathic Physicians are trained in conventional medical sciences; however, they are also trained to be specialists in Natural Medicine.  They cooperate with all other practitioners of health care and can order diagnostic and laboratory tests as well as refer patients to specialists as appropriate. 

Dr. O'Brien invites you to make the commitment

to improve your health & be an active participant in your care 

Principles of

Naturopathic Medicine

The healing power of nature

First, do no harm

Find and eliminate the cause

Treat the whole person

Prevention, the highest cure

Doctor as teacher

Dr. Mary Ellen O'Brien has been involved in health care since 1975, when she graduated from Mercy College in Detroit, MI with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.